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We specialize in creating perfectly tailored, culturally curated campaigns that empower brands to tear through marketplace clutter. For years we’ve been a trusted partner on entertainment and corporate branding projects for exciting clients like FOX, The Sundance Channel and SpikeTV. We’re now putting that expertise to work in a community we’ve been deeply involved with for many years. Today, PLASTIC PALMTREE collaborates with inspired growers and entrepreneurs that want to tap into our modern and authentic vision for cannabis.

We recognize that cannabis still has a major perception problem.

In order to lift the stigma and refresh perspectives, cannabis needs to be positioned in the right way. Better branding elevates not just individual brands, but the entire industry itself, allowing Mary Jane to finally come out of the closet and live in the sunlight.

We believe in small business.

Our agency started as a small business, we’re independently run, and we understand the struggles of the underdog. As CA, WA and CO move towards social use, competition is growing massively, and it’s getting harder for cottage cultivation businesses to keep up. In order to break through the fog of competition, great branding and marketing strategy is essential. That’s where we can help.

We’re informed and we care about compliance.

Our team includes chronic marketing strategists and designers that feel the green. We also consult with a policy expert that helps our strategists keep up with the winds of policy change and prepare for potential new regulations in regards to labeling, packaging design and other possible restrictions that your business may encounter.


Together, let’s cultivate a marketing strategy that will help your business grow to its full potential, and provide you with longevity for many seasons to come.

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